Multimedia and digital communication in the EU and Neighboring Counties workshop ended.

The very successful Multimedia and digital communication in the EU and Neighbouring countries workshop has just ended.  Delivered by Nino Maharashvili, Alicja Peszkowsa and Maria Zhdanova, it provided learners with an excellent opportunity to look into and discuss with practitioners questions such as where from, how, and when does one get ones “news”, mapping main challenges of the current editorial, introduction to storytelling with data (visualization types), principles of data visualization (good and bad visualizations), chart types and when to use them, how not to lie with charts, introduction to the topic of how content is being spread, verified and promoted via social media, and finally introduction to social media campaigns: best practices.  All the learners confirmed that they would recommend the course to other future learners. “It was interesting and inspiring”, testified one of them.

Nino Maharashvili
Alicja Peszkowska
Maria Zhdanova

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