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Who we are

ETGN – The European and Transnational Governance Network  is a training and development partnership among seven prestigious European academic and research institutions, offering transnational perspectives on governance issues of the 21st century:

Our mission

Founded in 2018, the mission of the ETGN is to provide professionals with a unique opportunity to deepen and extend their knowledge and competences in European and transnational governance. Therefore, the ETGN develops innovative, interactive and impactful executive education training initiatives, leveraging the comparative advantages of the academic curricula of the participating institutions. The training courses have a strong orientation towards civic service, addressing the civil society and private sector organisations across the world.

The ETGN consortium shares knowledge and competences by regular online and in-person meetings and delivers collaborative executive education including a Summer School for policy professionals. On top of that, the ETGN also provides the participants with an opportunity to receive the Executive Certificate in European and Transnational Governance.

online training

What we offer

The ETGN executive education trainings transfer knowledge and competences from the classroom to the workplace and address both current and future transnational policy challenges. The ETGN’s joint executive education equips participants with the relevant skills and networking experience that will positively impact their long-term career performance while also providing benefits to society-at-large.

What you will get

A multidisciplinary approach

A multidisciplinary approach that combines sector competences with leadership and management skills in a multicultural training environment;

Evidence-based knowledge and competences

Evidence-based knowledge and competences grounded in leading innovative research

Networking opportunity

Access to a network of internationally renowned teachers and trainers from both academia, public institutions and private practice;

Interaction with peers

The co-creation of knowledge through individual, professional experience exchange among peers in a safe training space.


The EXECUTIVE Certificate

What is it?

A joint certificate awarded by the ETGN partners in line with set conditions.

An opportunity to learn at three European academic and research institutions within the ETGN network at discounted prices (amounts of registration fee deductions are specified on the websites of respective ETGN partner institutions).

A way to expand your network, substantive knowledge, and professional skills in stimulating international environments.

What are the conditions?

Participants wishing to receive the certificate need to complete three executive trainings across three different ETGN partner institutions within a maximum period of 2 consecutive years.

The application form with an indication of titles of three executive trainings presented by applicants is reviewed by the ETGN partner institutions and assessed on the basis of its feasibility, coherence, and duration (number of contact learning hours).


How to apply?

Applicants need to fill in and sign the ETGN Certificate Application Form, indicating their intended study plan and motivation. They should then send the form to the institute organising the first training course on their study plan. The form should be submitted by email and/or via the registration platform of relevant ETGN institute. Please consult the relevant websites below for detailed information.

The courses eligible for the Executive Certificate in European and Transnational Governance may be found on the websites of respective ETGN institutions or by directly getting in touch with the relevant contact points.

Central European University

  • Course offer: For information on courses available please get in touch with Mr. Marton Leiszen at


College of Europe, Bruges Campus


College of Europe, Natolin Campus


Hertie School, the University of Governance in Berlin


School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute 


Institut National du Service Public (INSP)

  • Course offer: For information on courses available please get in touch with Ms. Alexandrina Soldatenko at  


SDA Bocconi School of Management 

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