Dominik Cagara | Open Caucasus Media | 2020

Dominik Cagara

Course: “Media bias and armed conflict. A handbook of critical thinking while reporting war"

Dominik Cagara is a co-founder of award-winning Open Caucasus Media, a digital platform focused on social issues in North and South Caucasus. He works with a broad network of correspondents to produce in-depth reports and set the agenda for regional debate. He conducts trainings in journalism, media literacy, and peace and conflict studies.

Mr Dominik Cagara worked as a project manager and trainer at Caucasian House, Tbilisi, and as a reporter  for numerous partners, i.a. Democracy & Freedom Watch, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Open Democracy Russia, and the Chai Khana. He also worked for a project funded by the European Commission, the “Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood”, dedicated to development of journalistic skills of media professionals from the EU and ENP countries. Mr Cagara has background in linguistics and global studies from the University of Gothenburg. 

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